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I Like Food! Food tastes good! Descendents lyrics? Or the premise of this delicious podcast? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Listen as 91X’s Hilary explores San Diego’s food culture & the intersection of food and music in conversations with chefs, musicians, and other food lovers. Is your mouth watering yet?

I Like Food! – Season 2/Episode 4: “Talking Food, Music, Art, Photography, and Delicious Kombucha with (the super rad) Brittany Wright of Wright Kitchen!”

Brittany Wright counts massive international brands as clients and has over 200,000 Instagram followers, but as Hilary found out, she’s also a down-to-earth San Diegan who was happy to open up about food as art, growing up in San Diego, and how music and vegetables are equally life-giving in their own unique ways. Dive in!

I Like Food! – Episode 10: “Manchester Orchestra With a Side of Music Meeting”

Pizza On The Go? Chicken In a Hurry? Manchester Orchestra tell Hilary about what they ate as kids – they also chat about where they eat when they’re on the road now that they’re all grown up and in a super rad band! Plus, go behind-the-scenes at a 91X monthly music meeting and hear from the 91X staff about what they’re listening to and where they’re eating here in San Diego. SCRUMPTIOUS!