Mark Hamill Obi wan Kenobi

A Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Film Is Looking Like A Done Deal [WATCH]

Like most kids born in the mid 70s, I grew up with the idea that Star Wars was a philosophy and a way of life, more than it was ever a movie. I have feelings of indifference towards the latest films, but only because I can't be bothered these days. So am I stoked that [...]

Now You Can Buy Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder! [WATCH]

America’s beloved wagon company Radio Flyer has stepped up their game. With a landspeeder! They say this is for kids, but every adult I know would have no shame taking this thing for a spin. Weight capacity is 130 pounds but I plan to put that to the test. It will be available at Toys'R'Us [...]

$1 Billion George Lucas Museum Is Coming To SoCal!

In a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council, the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will become a reality just south of downtown LA! The planned $1 billion George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is set to break ground early next year, with hopes of a 2021 opening. The museum will be located in [...]
Mark Hamill Obi wan Kenobi

Clairemont Is Naming A Street After Mark Hamill! May We Suggest Jedi Way?

Mark Hamill lived in Clairemont for a handful of years in the '60s and even went to Madison, at least for one year. That's enough for San Diego to honor him with a street named after him, and even Luke Skywalker himself is stoked! Get the full story and exact location here and may the [...]

Switchfoot Celebrate Star Wars Day!

Happy May The Fourth! Our friends in Switchfoot are HUGE Star Wars fans and decided to have some fun! Enjoy and Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars + The Beatles =

Palette-Swap Ninja is a, “music-parody duo”, who have just mashed up The Beatles with Star Wars... Palette-Swap Ninja has released a full-length concept album called, Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans, which is a collaboration of Star Wars : A New Hope and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. In honor of the movie’s [...]

Official Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi [WATCH]

Oh man, oh man, OH MAN! The trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi just dropped! They debuted it at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando to a crowd of thousands at a live panel including Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, director Rian Johnson, and others in the upcoming film. Can it [...]

The Death Star Moons of Saturn

Quick guess: Is this Mimas or Tethys? By Tommy Hough Okay, I admit, when I first saw this photo I was certain the moon in question was Mimas. What's Mimas? Discovered in 1789 by German astronomer William Herschel — the same astronomer who discovered Uranus — Mimas is one of the 62 moons of Saturn, [...]

This Star Wars Themed Song is AWESOME! [LISTEN]

Credit: Disney So @mountain_goats and I were joking around, one thing led to another, he recorded this song and now it’s canon.— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) January 30, 2017 Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, has endorsed a tribute song written and recorded by The Mountain Goats and it's so goooooooood. The name [...]

Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dead at 60 Following Heart Attack

Carrie Fisher at the 2015 Comic-Con ahead of the release of The Force Awakens (photo by Gage Skidmore). By Tommy Hough Four days after suffering what was described as a massive heart attack during the final minutes of a flight from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23, actress and screenwriter Carrie Fisher, best known [...]