Resurrection Sunday


This Corrosion, Sisters If Mercy
Rapture, Blondie
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Ultravox
On Your Radio, Joe Jackson
Time The Avenger, Pretenders
Last Cigarette, Dramarama
Human Behavior, Bjork
Oliver’s Army, Elvis Costello
Love Action, Human League
Goo Goo Muck, The Cramps


This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide, The Kings
The Whole Of The Moon, Waterboys
Holiday In Cambodia, Dead Kennedys
Avalon, Roxy Music
Eaten By The Monster Of Love, Sparks
Heaven Or Las Vegas, Cocteau Twins
68 Guns, Alarm
Pet Sematary, Ramones
I Am The Resurrection, Stone Roses


Straight To Hell, Clash
Grey Matter, Oingo Boingo
Silver, Echo and The Bunnymen
Teenage Riot, Sonic Youth
Is There Something I Should Know, Duran Duran
I Love A Man In A Uniform, Gang Of Four
This Is Pop, XTC
Ghosts, The Jam
Arizona Sky, China Crisis
Quick As Rainbows, Kitchens Of Distinction


Birth, School, Work, Death, The Godfathers
Crazy, Icehouse
The New World, X
Prove My Love, Violent Femmes
Cattle And Cane, The Go-Betweens
Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls, Book Of Love
Fire In Cairo, Cure
Start Choppin’, Dinosaur Jr.
William, It Was Really Nothing, Smiths
Bizarre Love Triangle, New Order
Moral Kiosk, R.E.M