Kaleidoscopic guitar tones. Pulsating, vigorous drums. Warm, grooving bass lines. Dynamic, expressive vocals. Lightning Cola has an explosive live performance that radiates raw passion. Self-described as Dream Rock, Lightning Cola hints at a wide range of influences painting a sound that is proprietary to the band. Wave-washed and drenched in color, Lightning Cola is emerging as a prominent figure in the Southern California scene.

“(Lightning Cola) is a four-piece outfit from San Diego with an unadorned “California sound” in an era when the sound of Southern California has become increasingly hard to define. The overarching sound here is wave-washed rock from a bass, drums, and two-guitar configuration. …There’s an atmospheric feel in their music, and singer Niko Sitaras uses this context as a means of both poetic conveyance and care-free musing.” –Pitchfork