Traveling from Long Island to Hawaii and now based in San Diego, Signal For Pilot is anything but ordinary – this band will teach you to expect the unexpected. Their music is a multisensory experience, using ambient sounds and mood enhancing melodies to cheer you up, calm you down, or send chills running up and down your spine. 

One of the hallmarks of Signal For Pilot is personality, and there is no lack of it in a live performance. Their energy and dedication is evident every step of the way, from their artwork to their stage set up. You’re not just at the show – you’re part of the show. 

Signal For Pilot is singer/guitarist Chase Manary, Chris ‘Jaws’ Ruzika on drums, lead guitarist Johnny Bernard, Hugo De Bernardo on synths and keyboards, and bassist Patrick Otterson. Each member is multitalented, providing backing vocals as well as artistic director for the group. With precision and energy all too often missed in modern rock, Signal For Pilot is ready to take the world by storm.