Buddha Trixie began as an innocent and informal outlet for childhood friends Andrew Harris, Daniel Cole, and Dennis Moon. Bonding over the likes of rock titans such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, the band eventually found themselves producing original music in their garage. Their first EP Real, saw the band playing with a handful of genres and inspirations, culminating in a short pop nugget of psychedelic indie garage rock. Shortly after leaving for college, Moon befriended guitarist and pianist Kenzo Mann at UC Davis, whose inclusion on guitar and synth filled out the band’s sound for earth shaking and tinnitus inducing live performances.

The band has often been described as a wall of sound, reflected in their grandiose concept album Stop The Space Age. This full length and the accompanying singles “Nobody Hangs Out” and “Tide” propelled the group to wider success, as they toured new cities across California spreading their music. They just released their new single “Dream Daze”, the first of many that was produced and recorded by Richard Dotson of The Frights.