King Whisker announces the December 18 release of their absurdist/dada tinged single, “Television” – a follow up to their 2019 Debut EP “There is no King Whisker,” which received substantial airplay on San Diego’s 91X, and was noted for its “raucous energy and blisteringly satirical lyrics” by Indy Pulse Music.

“Television” starts with a simple story… “A guy woke up, he had an idea, he invented television.” But the catchy, punk-tinged track quickly comes apart at the seams – transitioning into a tongue-in-cheek cry for help that displays King Whisker’s ability to craft catchy melodies wrapped in singularly bizarre lyrics. 

Recorded by diverse artists (Gay, non-binary, multi-racial, female, bi-polar), in a 10×12 room on a combination of hand-made and hand-modified instruments, cables, and pedals, the single celebrates the band’s DIY attitude.

“We were originally slated to record our first full album this year… but the pandemic really changed things.” says frontman and guitar player Charlie Rohlfs.  

“Instead of waiting around or having the ‘what could have been’ conversation, we took classes from Berklee, built or scrounged together whatever gear we needed, and got to work.”

With “Television”, the band welcomes three new members and is the first recording that features their re-tooled 5-piece lineup, with the addition of a second guitar player, and a keyboard player.

As much of a single as a proof of concept project, “Television” is a test case for King Whisker’s upcoming 2021 yet to be titled debut album, which the band will produce, record and distribute on their own. 

Of the single’s surprising nod to the Black Lives Matter movement, guitar player and singer Alex Warton noted “We’re thinking this might catch some people off guard – maybe it turns them off –  but, fuck it. We want to make a statement – and not just play along when the next tragedy happens. BLM all the time. Punk rock, I guess?” 

DIY Art Rock weirdos King Whisker make Boom Boom from their beachfront compound in San Diego. Cursed by bee-burglars, the Mighty Whiskerinos play “Black Betty” by Ram Jam nonstop for 45-60 minute sets throughout Southern California. You can often find them being launched out of “The PetCo Party Cannon” into Mission Bay.
King Whisker is.:
Guitar and Lead Vocals – Charlie Rohlfs
Drums – Jeremy Houtz
Guitar and Vocals – Alex Warton
Keyboard and Vocals – Ash Busse
Bass and Vocals – Kevin Reith