Audio Addiction is close-the-garage-door rock n’ roll like they used to make.


The vibe is do it yourself 60’s and 70’s grime and grit.  Bands like Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, The Stooges and MC5 and acts like the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, and Motörhead come to mind. Their sound also pulls from guitar rock staples with styles influenced by The Bronx, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jack White, Rise Against and Foo Fighters.


This group of friends joined forces after touring and recording in several San Diego based acts including hardcore act Mower, indie band Buckfast Superbee, surf rockers Stained Glass Saints and emo punks Chasing Claymores.  It is an unlikely mix of musicians that rally around the common threads of down and dirty rock n’ roll and the weirdest senses of humor known to man.


Audio Addiction promises and delivers energetic lives shows that range from hilarious to intense with a soundtrack of great high energy rock n’ roll.


If rock is dead, then Audio Addiction are zombies.