Change can be the wall that stifles your growth or the fire that reveals who you truly are. For Bad Things, a change of members threw open the path to a new focus and a fresh sound.


With the arrival of new vocalist Dan Murphy, Bad Things (which also consists of bassist-producer Jared Palomar, guitar players Anthony Sanudo and Olympian Shaun White) found an invigorating source of creativity, which led to an infusion of new influences and an exciting new sound for the band.

After touring throughout the world for the previous year, the group has returned with an upbeat, danceable, and confident collection of songs that truly showcases their growth as songwriters and performers.

Taking cues from more diverse influences such as Hall & Oates and David Bowie, as well as contemporaries like Phantogram, Bad Things has crafted a set of songs that easily moves from the propulsive indie-rock of “ bit  to the undeniable groove of “Bipolar.” Armed with this array of new music, you can expect tremendous things from Southern California’s Bad Things this year.