Having left her small home town of Tubingen, Germany just a few years ago for film School in Los Angeles, it has been an enlightening, whirlwind, and sometimes chaotic road as she and her music have evolved from punk rock in an all-girls Zeros cover band to the melodic, layered and heartfelt music she plays in her own band now.


Parusel and her band; Kyle McGee (bass), Eric Brozgold (drums), and Ariel Levine (guitar) live to play music. They are building a fan base one at a time as they did on a recent three week tour to the Northwest, three Official Invites to  SXSW and their first National tour this past July.


All of these experiences have made the band dedicated and more determined. There’s something passionate about a band that will not listen and doesn’t seem to care about the endless pitfalls and broken hearts waiting out there in the industry and on the road, as they leave armed with a handful of gigs, some vinyl, CD’s and a well-rehearsed set bent on winning over the world.


Maren Parusel recently released her first full length record, 11 songs crafted from her life growing up in Germany and contrasted with her experiences over the past five years in sunny California. The album is called “Artificial Gardens”.