Splavender started as a therapeutic response to adulthood by frontman and multi-instrumentalist Danny Ellis. Through endless 102 degree summer night studio sessions in his east San Diego homestead, Ellis smashed together different musical aesthetics harder than the Large Hadron Collider. Instead of discovering the Higgs Boson, however, he stumbled upon something way sicker–breezy harmonies, balmy guitar riffs, sun-licked bridges–pretty much anything associated with nice weather, Splavender has it.

But Splavender? What kind of name is that for a band?

A fitting one. One that describes multi-colored spontaneous approach.

The end result: A delicious blend of audio flavors. It’s lush. It’s fuzzy. It’s melodic. It’s jagged. It’s swirly with kaleidoscopic time changes.

Splavender is Grant Glibert, Oscar Carrion, Andre Flores, Anthony Noriega and Ellis D, who wrote and produced all nine songs on the band’s debut Shoreline Dilemma.

It’s Splavender: The band you’ve had in your head since you first fell in love with music.