The Darrows were formed in 2011 and have released one album, Parlour Music, which was recorded up in Laurel Canyon with Jason Hill (Louis XIV, Convoy), his cats, and large doses of Claritin. The band is currently recording a 5-song EP, again with Jason. They will be performing at the Soda Bar on September 27th and the Adams Avenue Street Fair on the 29th.


Here are some things written in a review of Parlour Music:

“To record the album, the band decamped to Ulysses, the Laurel Canyon home studio owned by friend and producer Jason Hill. The band made the San Diego-Los Angeles trek two, sometimes three times a week to record with Hill, who had also produced the first Emery Byrd EP.


They called the album Parlour Music because of the house sounds captured on many of master tracks: Hill’s cats playing, the sautéing of onions in the kitchen, a helicopter flying overhead when Leck’s cat allergies forced him to sing outside.


The songs are nostalgic without being overly sentimental, catchy without being irreverent, and poppy without being glossy. Listeners will recognize sprightly, Kinks-inspired melodies, especially on “Disintegrate Alright” and “Goodnight Song.”


Parlour Music is now available on iTunes.