Unwritten Law have been a band for 27 years …that’s a long time to be alive, let alone sustain a single entity. Although the band has been fraught with antipathy over the course of those years, today’s line up, still includes seminal front-man, Scott Russo. It also sees the return of founding member and drummer Wade Youman. Along with Russo’s younger brother Jonny Grill (Civet, Scott and Amy) on bass and Chris Lewis (Pivit, Fenix TX) on guitar, the band has found a new delivery system for the band’s potent brand of rock music.

Their new album “Acoustic” is more than just rock songs, played quietly and slowly.  They’re reimagined with as much vigor as they were originally written with.  This album will surprise even the most long time Unwritten Law fans.  On the come out track “Celebration”, the band sought to completely reinvent the track as an almost new wave / dub version.  Taking instrumentation away for the choruses, and building the energy in different way, making the song gain dimension in a way it never had.