“Vokab Kompany is another act that refuses to be pigeonholed. Two MCs might lead you to believe that it’s hip hop, but that doesn’t begin to tell the story. The seven-piece band from San Diego played for more than an hour, a set that was at times funky, jazzy, heavy, bouncy, even bluegrassy…And it all made sense. Through it all, the crowd was treated to microphonic gymnastics of the dueling MCs, Rob Hurt and Burkey. The group is legit; see them” Lindol French, Sacramento Press

” A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two MC’s who’s charged sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless…seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive… layered with creative electro beats. ” Sam Dorman, NBC San Diego

Vokab Kompany is high energy, 7 piece, indie-electro-hip hop. Combining catchy hooks with rhythmic harmonic flow, the capabilities of 22nd century electronics-channeled through classically trained keys and violin, deep baselines and driving rhythms. Vokab Kompany pulsates throughout listeners for hours after a shows end, leaving their weary bodies immobilized, and their fingers rapidly working the computer to download their latest music. Their studio work has ranged from songs with Killah Priest of the Wu Tang Clan to members of Cage the Elephant, and from Luckyiam of the Living Legends as well as Aplus of the Hyroglyphics.

Their most recent album, “Quit Sleep”, was released on April 22, 2011.