6 years after the debut release of Future Crooks in Paradise, Future Crooks is teaming up with Halfway Home to release a tiny slice of new material, called “The Wind”.

In response to the collective restlessness, this pandemic is producing, frontman Mike Rogers is throwing up his fat pop-punk middle finger and releasing this 4 track injection of unforgiving happy rock.

‘‘The Wind” perks you right up with the micro dosage of sick riffs, infectious melodies and head-bopping drums we’ve come to know and love. Long awaited, this EP provides a much needed sip of the joy we’ve been missing in 2020; and even though it’s short and totally out of the blue, Mike wants to make sure the return of Future Crooks is afoot, with much more to follow. In his own words:

“The Wind EP is a reaction to being forced to pause recording of the second Future Crooks LP due to shelter in place.

The EP consists of 4 tracks. 2 earlier full band demos from 2016 and 2 midi renditions of brand new FC songs: “The Wind” and “Poppy’s Song” (converted into lullaby form).

For most of us, 2020 has been really tough. This is my attempt at mustering all that I can in order to make a few people happy, regardless of what they’re going through…

Most importantly, we can’t wait to finish LP2 as soon as we can. We hope you love ‘The Wind’ EP as much as we do.”

If “The Wind” is any indication, LP2 cannot come any sooner.