Like the majestic poinsettia, I (Scoobert Doobert) was birthed from the sandy soil of Encinitas, California. It’s a rad little beach town in San Diego, most famous for its great surf and fringe-religious communities. One of our main beaches, Swami’s, is named after Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. His mediation garden is pretty dope.

From the mural of a surfing Madonna to the statue we dubbed the Cardiff Kook, this spot inspired a lot about my music. As a wee pup, I played guitar around town in garages. Eventually the cops said I needed to stop. Many many times.

There aren’t many practice spaces around here, so the gang and I would break into churches after hours to jam with their gear. We gigged around at schools and coffee shops until my band mates moved away for college.

I decided to learn to play drums and bass and production, so I could jam with myself. I pretty much just did that for the last five years. Blazing, surfing, writing, recording, missing my friends, and wrapping burritos (day job). I started digging some of the stuff I was making, but still didn’t have a name for the project.

While scrolling through memes, one clicked: Scoobert Doobert. And better still, my name started to serve like a litmus test for who would dig the music. As someone who has read this far, congrats, you passed!

Welcome, amigo, to the Scoobertverse. I hope your stay is a psychedelic kaleidoscope of good vibes, singalongs and nostalgic futurism. Feel free to hit me up on IG, Reddit, or Twitter if you ever want to chat or share memes.