Ten Bulls is a dichotomy. Comprised of Christian Clark (Vocals/Guitar), Jay Sanchioli (Bass), Chaz Lamden (Drums), Ida Naughton (Synth/Vocals), and Sebastian Rizo (Synth) the group boasts a sound that is both unique and accessible; walking the line between past and future – yet sounding like the very next step.

Period pieces written precisely for this very moment. Fuzzy, distorted bass and hypnotic rhythms meet retro synth textures, shimmering guitar, saxophone, and catchy vocals with progressive sensibilities. Ten Bulls manages to mesh polyrhythmic beats and alternative time signatures with jazzy, progressive song structures and pop melodies in a way that doesn’t feel jarring or contrived. New Wave, Alternative, Psychedelic, Indie, and Industrial influences shine through: it’s a sound that’s hard to pin down, but feels complete.