In November 2016, Darren Sader met Drew Smith in a bar in the heart of City Heights. Drew had played a solo acoustic set and left an impression that inspired Darren to want to get together for a jam session. 

After a few short practices, it didn’t take long for them to realize that this was going to be the start of an awesome adventure that could possibly carry them further than they had gone before. They recorded their first collection of songs with Drew’s brother, Mike, on bass, and debuted their self-titled EP (2017), a collection of songs with heart, emotion, conviction, and a punk-influenced, rock sound that gave you something to hold on to, and left you wanting more. 

Even through member changes and ups and downs, Drew and Darren stuck together and kept pushing, playing, writing, and touring, many times with help from friends, but never giving up. Now, with the addition of Max Bergstrom and Vaughn Esparza, The pieces are finally in place and their final form has taken shape. 

From the artists that brought you Banker’s Hill, Skipjack, Motionless, Avenue Army, and Save Amos, comes a heart-felt, explosive sound bellowing from their souls to echo in your bones. This undertaking: an eclectic mix of depth, finesse, power, and love will be sure to strike a chord in the heart of every listener. 

The Rough has just released their sophomore EP, Clean Cut, care of No Pants Records. You can find them on all of your favorite streaming platforms and at a show near you.





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