Trouble in the Wind release long anticipated album “Weird Living” August 7th, 2020 everywhere!

Trouble in the Wind is proud to announce the release of their much anticipated full length album Weird Living. Look for the title track and video, “Weird Living” July 30th. The single and video will be released on the internet through blogs and web sites as well as social media. The full album will release digitally everywhere August 7th. Title track “Weird Living” featured on 91X FM Ear Candy (San Diego) and on 88.5FM (Los Angeles/Orange County).


Trouble in the Wind spent a few weeks in fall of 2019 in the recording studio with Producer John Reis (Rocket From the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake, the Night Marchers etc.) and Engineer Ben Moore ( Anoushka Shankar; Hot Snakes, Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake, Jesse & Joy, Rob Crow/Pinback, Karl Denson, Dead Rock West, Switchfoot, The Soaks, The Mattson 2, The Damned, Gilbert Castellanos, Convoy and others) at legendary San Diego Studio Singing Serpent for this much anticipated set of songs.


Weird Living is the bands 6th release and third full length album on In Your Neighborhood Music.  The band will release exclusive physical only copies on Vinyl and CD through three local record shops as a Locals Only celebration. Look for Weird Living physical copies at Spin Records (Carlsbad), M-Theory Records (Hillcrest), and Vinyl Junkies (South Park). These copies will be very limited and as a Locals Only release available on July 24th. Physical copies can be purchased from the band going forward.


The band had been preparing for a year of touring in support of “Weird Living” but then of course COVID-19 hit the world and all the planned tours were cancelled. Live shows and touring are where the bands heart is, but they are excited to bring this new album to their loyal fans and hopefully many new fans. The band will put their energy into social media and playlist outreach to take a brand new approach for them by reaching fans digitally.


The band is very excited to get this set of nine songs to their fans. The album opens with the eponymous track “Weird Living” breaking out from the get-go. This first track, it’s heavier, rougher, and even the lyrics seem to reflect this unfamiliar territory: “Let me off this ride.” Trouble in the Wind’s signature sound is here, but in this track underpinned with pronounced uncertainty and forceful frustration.

Notable tracks include Déjà vu” reminiscent of Trouble’s early album No Work Dancing. The track’s about finding comfort in the familiar, relying on old fail-safes when everything seems to be unreeling and unrelenting. “Angel of Mine” is a lush and epic track showcasing the influence of John Reis, Ben Moore and hard work in the studio by the band. “Angel of Mine” is a ballad echoing Orbison like in a romantic waltz of a non-apology. A sharp critique of the archetypical morose, jilted lover crooning his self-righteous torment, the duplicitous and dark “Angel of Mine” is the album’s standout track.

“Rock n Roll” is a familiar track rerecorded and blazing forth with solid instrumentation and clever lyrics throughout. The lyrics shout forth that what we need now is Rock N Roll, we need so much more to fix what is happening in 2020 but we can always get it rolling with a bit of rebellion through song. There are multiple stand outs on this album but then we would just be listing all nine tracks. Take note of Master Lock, Double Down, and Down Where I Belong which is the always special track that has become tradition where Keith Haman (guitar, pedal steel and bv’s) steps in front to sing a song he brought in.